Public Information

Under Public Information, various documents and information materials are collected under these categories:

Public Registry

The Public Registry contains all the information presented to the Board during a proceeding, such as during a public hearing.

Archives (Public Registry)

The Archives contain the various documents associated with past proceedings before the Board.  Specific documents from a particular proceeding can be located through a searchable database. 


This page has website links to wildlife agencies and organizations, regulatory agencies, Government agencies and other relevant websites.

Board Minutes

Board minutes are posted here for the WRRB Board meetings that are held four times a year. 

Guiding Documents

The documents posted on this page guide the Board's work and activities.  They include the WRRB's current Business Strategic Plan and associated Communications Plan; the Rule for Management Proposals to guide submission of management proposals to the Board for review; and the Rules of Procedures for the conduct of proceedings before the Board. 

WRRB Publications

Reports, management plans and other publications that the Board has either created or collaborated on are available here.