WRRB Calendar 2018 Cover WRRB Calendar 2018 Cover

The 2018 WRRB Calendar is Out Soon!

Our 2018 Calendar will be out soon and ready for Christmas. Once it's ready, it will be shipped to Wek’èezhìı communities and will be available at the local Community Presence Tłı̨chǫ Government office in each community. This year, we focused on species at risk that live within Wek’èezhìı for at least part of the year.  Wek’èezhìı’s forests, wetlands, lakes and tundra are havens for many wildlife species, each playing an essential role in the health of their ecosystems.  Currently, there are 21 species at risk in Wek’èezhìı, many of them featured in our calendar.  We’ve included information on how each of those species is doing and on some of the threats they’re facing. 

We are fortunate that here in the North wildlife habitat is mostly intact, and most species are thriving.  However, some are facing hardships and are at risk or of concern in Canada, the NWT, or both.  Many have lost considerable habitat farther south and are experiencing other stressors.  Even here in the North, in recent years, elders, harvesters, community members and scientists have observed changes on the land that are presenting new challenges for wildlife.  

The federal and NWT Species at Risk Acts were created to conserve species at risk.  An important focus for this calendar is describing how this legislation works to identify species at risk that are at need of special attention or protection.  The Peregrine Falcon, one of the first species to be assessed by COSEWIC in 1978, is featured on the calendar’s cover and inside the calendar as a story of recovery.  Once near extinction, it was recently assessed as no longer at risk in most of Canada.  Since DDT, a pesticide, was identified as a main threat to this bird’s existence and then banned in North America, and other management actions were taken, the peregrine falcon has rebounded and its numbers have steadily increased. 

The calendar also has information on where to learn more about species at risk and how to help protect those species and prevent others from becoming at risk.

We hope you enjoy our calendar.  The WRRB Board and Staff wish you a very happy 2018!