ENR_WMAC_Background Information

This draft ENR report (March, 2010) describes population projection modeling and simulations of harvest and recovery for the Bathurst Caribou herd.  It describes the use of modelling to assess likely population trend for the Bathurst herd under various sets of conditions. 

WMAC Letter re BNE Proposal

This is a letter from the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (WMAC), providing comments on the proposal submitted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) regarding management actions for the Bluenose-East caribou herd. 

NSMA_WRRB_BNE Resident Harvest Mgmt Proposal

This document includes a letter to the WRRB from the North Slave Metis Alliance (NSMA) with its comments on Environment and Natural Resource's (ENR's) management proposal regarding resident harvest of the Bluenose East (BNE) caribou herd. It also includes NSMA's review of ENR's management proposal for the BNE herd and ENR's letter to NSMA in response to NSMA's comments.