Feedback Requested on Draft Bathurst Caribou Management Plan

The Bathurst Caribou Advisory Committee is currently looking for feedback on their Draft Bathurst Caribou Management Plan, released today. The Plan includes details on harvesting, predator and habitat management, communication, education, research, and monitoring. The Bathurst herd population has been in steep decline and this plan sets out a way forward to assist with recovery and resiliency of the herd. 17 organizations participated in the drafting of this plan, including the WRRB, alongside Indigenous governments, hunters and trappers' associations, as well as management Boards from Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and the NWT. Zoom sessions are planned, in the coming weeks, by local governments to discuss the draft plan with traditional knowledge holders, harvesters, and other community leaders. If you are interested in submitting comments on the plan, you can do so by email. All comments must be received on or before May 31. 

For further details, see the posters, plan, and summary below. 

Draft Bathurst Caribou Management Plan

Plain Language Summary