One of the Wolf Spider Species not identified  Photo credit: S. Carriere,

One of the Wolf Spider Species not identified Photo credit: S. Carriere,

Management Proposal Page

The WRRB has made several changes to its website over the past year, including the creation of a new page for Management Proposals. This page is where we post any Level 1 management proposals that will be reviewed by the Board. The page gives us the opportunity to post items that are open to the public for comment and receive any feedback made about the proposal before it is closed and reviewed by the staff and Board. There are three status settings to let you know what stage the proposal is currently in. If the comment period is active, you will see ‘Open for Comments’. If the comment period has ended, you will see, ‘Closed/Pending Board Decision’. If the Board has made their decision, and it has been posted to the management page for the public to read, you will see the status set to, ‘Closed/Complete’. Most recently the Board has been sent for review, a management proposal titled Wolf Collaring on the Central Barrens - AMENDMENT and one titled NWT Biodiversity Arthropod Monitoring - Insect and Spider Collections. These proposals are now closed but the documents are still available to read. Once the Board’s decision is made, we will update the proposal to indicate that it is complete, and you will be able to read the final decision. Check back on this page to see what proposals we receive and review, or you can follow our Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss out on new proposals that you might like to offer comments on.